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Linkz join Earth Hour again to support the environmental movement by action
Earth Hour is the world's biggest collective environmental action and was founded by WWF in Sydney, Australia in 2007. Participation is simple - everyone turns off their non-essential lights at the appointed time for one hour on the last Saturday of March every year. This little action sends a powerful message: that humanity wants a sustainable future.

2011’s Earth Hour campaign was Hong Kong's second biggest. That night Victoria Harbour went dark, and more than 2.7 million people turned off the lights in 3,200 buildings and organizations including 328 schools and youth groups, and all Hong Kong's universities.

In 2012, Linkz will once again join the environmental movement to show our support for the Earth Hour campaign on 31 March, 8:30pm. We are committed to creating a green business community and to take practical action to combat climate change. We are answering the call to action on behalf of the planet. Not only for today’s beautiful and healthy planet but more importantly for tomorrow’s sustainable developed planet.
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