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Linkz joins with Hong Kong Science & Technology Parks to showcase its optical fiber cables
In a movement to help raise public awareness of the prominent and ever-growing role of technology in today’s society, Hong Kong Science & Technology Parks has opened a grand showcase entitled “Professor Charles K. Kao: Father of Fibre Optics” and invited Linkz as a partner to bring this showcase to life.

The grand opening of the showcase was held on January 19 and the General Manager of Linkz, Mr. Stephen Ho was also present. In the showcase, Linkz has created various demonstration booths that highlight the “Fibre City: Fibre Estate: Fibre Home” concept of using optical fiber for current and future applications. These demonstrations will help to educate the public – as well as others in the industry such as the new generation of engineers, scientists and technology entrepreneurs – so that they may understand the history and nature of optical fiber and inspire them to follow Professor Kao’s example of perseverance and innovation.

Linkz is a manufacturer of high-end cable solutions and is one of the largest wire and cable manufacturers in China. It always strives to help elevate the quality of the entire industry and also adheres to its commitment in spearheading cable technology education for both the industry and society.
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