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Linkz’s PoE Products

Number of pairs4 Pairs
ConductorAWG26 AWG
Conductor materialStranded bare copper
Conductor dimension7/(0.16±0.008) mm
InsulationInsulation materialFoam PE
Insulation dimension0.99 ±0.05 mm
Number colour
(Ring marking)
1.White/Blue(Ring) & Blue
2.White/Orange(Ring) & Orange
3.White/Green(Ring) & Green
4.White/Brown(Ring) & Brown
CablingTwisting lay length≦30mm
Cabling lay length≦200mm
Trace CableConductor materialN/A
Conductor dimensionN/A
Insulation materialN/A
Insulation dimensionN/A
ShieldIndividual shield & materialAL-Foil
Primary overall shield & materialTinned Copper Wire
Secondary overall shield & materialN/A
Shield coverage65% Nom.
Outer jacketOuter jacket materialLSZH
Outer jacket nominal thickness0.5mm
Overall nominal dimension6.2 ±0.3mm
Outer jacket rip cordN/A
Outer jacket colourPer customer request
Mechanical CharacteristicsOperating temperature range-20 ℃ ~ +75 ℃
Bulk cable weight38 kg/km
Max. recommended pulling tension80 N
Min. bend radius (Install)8 x O.D.
Outer jacket tensile strength≧9 Mpa
Outer jacket elongation≧100%
Outer jacket aging condition100 ℃ x 168 hrs
After aging, Tensile strength≧70% of Unaging
After aging, Elongation≧50% of Unaging
Cold bendNo crack (@ -20℃ x 4hrs)
Electrical characteristicsNom. mutual capacitance≦5.6 nF/100m (@1kHz)
Pair to ground capacitance unbalance≦1600 pF/km
Nominal velocity of propagation65%
Max. delay skew25 ns/100m
Max. conductor DC resistance145 Ω/km (@ 20 ℃)
Max. Conductor resistance unbalance2% (@ 20 ℃)
Min. insulation resistance5000 MΩ·km
Max. operating voltage - UL300 V